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June 10, 2008

I decided to pick a topic that has something to do with the Earth and the weather. I decided to do pick my topic as how the wind affects global warming. I thought a lot about how the weather changes and how it’s getting worse. I learned in my classes that the Earth is changing because of human resources and how we use them. The Earth is not only changing because of humans but because of the climates and the weather which causes global warming. It interested me a lot because after Hurricane Katrina, I thought a lot about how it was caused and how the wind could have made this big disaster. It made me also think about global warming since the weather is getting worse every year. I was always interested in learning how global warming is caused and how the wind makes the earth warmer causing global warming. This topic has been talked about in my cluster class and my biology class, it made me more interested in learning about the cause of global warming.


Citations for 3 scholarly journal articles

June 10, 2008

Laurance, William F. Curran, Timothy J. (2008, June) Impacts of wind disturbance on fragmented tropical forests: A review and synthesis. Austral Ecology. Vol. 33 Issue 4, p399-408, 10p. A-Z Database.

I chose this article because it is related to my topic. Just from reading the abstract, it gave me a better understanding of how the wind causes global warming. This means that if I get to read the whole article, it would help me on my research paper. The author of this journal article is Laurance, William F. and Curran Timothy J. The article is about how the severe winds causes damage to the forest and landscapes. The heavy wind causes change in plant species, reduced carbon storage, change the structure of exotic plants, and can lead to fire. Because the wind is damaging many forests causing plants, fires, and landscapes to change; it can lead to global warming. This is actually is an article of facts and information.

Altermatt, Florian. Pajunen, V. Ilmari. Ebert, Dieter. (2008, June) Climate change affects colonization dynamics in a metacommunity of three Daphnia species. Global Change Biology. Vol. 14 Issue 6, p1209-1220, 12p, 6 graphs. A-Z Database.

I chose this article because it gave me a further more basic introduction about my topic. It is related to my topic and what I want to learn. It gives a lot of details about how the wind changes the climate, the species, and the surroundings leading to global warming. The author of this articles is Altermatt, Florian. Pajunen, V. Ilmari, Ebert, Dieter. The article is about how the climate changes that causes global warming. When the climate change, it gets windy. When it is windy, the land is dry causing the weather to get drier from 1982 to 2006. Because the statistics show that the land is getting drier from year to year, it tells that the Earth is getting warmer because of the wind causing lands and rocks to dry out. When the Earth is getting warmer, it leads to global warming. When the land and surroundings are getting drier, it causes species to change their habitats and it causes them to change by trying to adapt to the new environment.

Stavrakakis, G.M. Koukou, M.K. Vrachopoulos, M. Gr. Markatos, N.C. (2008 September) Natural cross-ventilation in buildings: Building-scale experiments, numerical simulation and thermal comfort evaluation. Energy & Buildings. Vol. 40 Issue 9, p1666-1681, 16p. A-Z Database

I chose this article because it is about the balance of the wind and temperature which causes global warming and the weather to change. The author of this article is Stavrakakis, G.M. Koukou, M.K. Vrachopoulos, M.Gr. Markatos. This article is about how the wind and buoyancy forces causes the temperature to change and the weather. With the weather changing, global warming occurs which makes the Earth warmer. The wind and the buoyancy forces causes the climates and weather to change at certain area, so different places has different types of disastrous like hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes to erupt. So, when the earth is getting really hot, depending on where your living at or maybe living on the equator, the weather gets worse causing hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes to act up.

Citation and bibliographic annotation for 1 book

June 10, 2008

Saunders, Nigel. 2007. Wind Power (Energy for the Future and Global Warming). Gareth Stevens Publishing

The climate changes the weather which causes global warming. As the winds blows heavily, lands and forests are getting dry. Because of dry forest, the forest can be caused by fire or reduction in plants. Without moist, plants cannot grow. Hurricane was known as a cause of global warming. Wind shear is also known as a cause of global warming. Wind causes the air to warm up which creates storms and hurricanes. Because of the wind making the air warmer than it should be, it causes the ocean to get warm which slowly turns into hurricanes and tropical storms. In dry lands, winds makes the land even more dry and the temperature to rise which causes tornadoes and earthquakes. When there is earthquakes underneath the ocean because the water is getting warmer causes volcanoes to erupt.

Global warming is because caused not just by the wind and the climate changes but because of human resources. Because of the resources and energy we use, it causes the Earth to get warmer. When we use burning fuels for gasoline or burning coals, we’re making the Earth warmer. Carbon lets light into Earth from the sun but blocks the exit for energy to come causing the Earth to retain more heat from the sun and also the energy we use. The burning of fuels and coals cannot be restored or recycled so it is released in the atmosphere. Because the Earth retains a lot of heat and humans are using a lot of energy and the wind causes more heat, global warming causes bad weathers to come.

citations for two blogs and two websites

June 10, 2008

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June 10, 2008

The difference between blogs and websites is that blogs is a point of view from other people. It’s what other people want to say and post it online. When blogs are posted, people thread and reply to other peoples ideas and thoughts. Website is another story. It is different from blogs and more better since it talks about the real facts and information on the topic. Blogs may have facts as well but it comes from people and not from a real site. A Blog is from a website but there’s a lot of other peoples opinions. A website that gives facts about a topic does not give opinion.